Swiss Day Fondue

Events  » Swiss Day Fondue with Friends 2nd August
Bei Amici Restaurant

 Swiss Day Fondue with Friends

2nd August 6.30pm for 6.45

$99 per person


Birnenbrot mit butter

Swiss pear and nut loaf


Tartar toast

Beef tartar on toast


Marroni supple mit speck

Chestnut soup with speck


Nussli Salat, Pilze, Pepitas, Meerrettich

Lambstongue lettuce, mushroom, pepitas, horseraddish


Käse Fondue, Brot, Kartoffeln, Pickels

Swiss cheese fondue, bread, chats, pickles


Berner Merengues, Vanille Glace, Birne, Schoggi Sauce

Crispy merengues, Vanille icecream, pear and milk chocolate sauce